Designed to support students getting off to the right start with their NEA’s this course guides students through the enquiry approach to independent investigations. Students will develop their ability to ask geographical questions about places working towards refining specific areas of potential further enquiry.

They will be introduced to previous NEA titles and consider why each were appropriate - to offer a guidance and inspiration for developing their own focus for investigation. Attention will be given to suitable hypotheses and how these could link to enquiry questions. A range of local issues will be discussed to offer inspiration of the type of subjects students may choose to investigate in their own locality.

The foundations of the NEA will be covered including setting concise aims and hypotheses, sampling techniques, ethical considerations and risk assessments. Students will then participate in a fieldwork menu tasting session – a broad mixture of a range of traditional and more modern sources of data collection, working on both the town’s beach and within it’s urban landscapes.

On return to the classroom students will consider various forms of data presentation, including a range of unique, modern formats including ArcGIS and other GIS sources. If required an overview of the different statistical tests can be summarised, with a clear explanation of how to determine what test is most suitable to match each set of data.

Students will be significantly more prepared to develop their own NEA’s on completion of this course.

This course counts as 1 of the 4 required days of fieldwork expected at A-level.

Provided resources:

  • Student support material
  • Fieldwork menu sampling session
  • GIS demonstration
  • Classroom facilities


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