Investigating Southwold’s award-winning pier and its variety of functions. Opened originally in 1900 the pier suffered significant storm damage on several occasions over the 20th century and even took a hit from a drifting sea mine! In 2001, it was renovated and restored to its former glory, going on to be named British pier of the Year in 2002.

The pier is much loved landmark on Southwold’s seafront and its range of shops, restaurants and attractions pull in tourists all year round. The unique ‘message plagues’ which decorate the handrail along the entire length of the pier give an insight into the part that this pier has played in the lives of locals and holiday makes for over a century.

Students can investigate it’s success by measuring footfall, completing non-participant surveys, mood meters, and questionnaires and well as a detailed land use survey. Secondary data on the funding and redevelopment plans will be provided.

AQA: An example of an urban regeneration project to show the main features of the project. An example of an area in the UK used for tourism to show the attractions for tourists.

Primary Fieldwork can include:

  • Pedestrian counts
  • Non-participant surveys
  • Mood meters
  • Land use surveys
  • Questionnaires

Provided resources:

  • Fieldwork booklet
  • Secondary data
  • Classroom facilities
  • Write-up A3 summary sheet


Low season 1st November - 31st March


Mid season 1st April - 31st May
1st September - 31st October


High season 1st June - 31st July


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