The Suffolk coastline is constantly changing, retreating in some places and building in others – it is a dynamic shore which has areas that are heavily protected and places which have seemingly been sacrificed to the whim of the sea.

Between 2000-9 residents at Easton Bavents, just north of Southwold have battled to have their stretch of coast defended by the sea, it still remains exposed. Yet just metres away a £8.5 million investment protects the tourist town of Southwold. Students will investigate the case for defending Easton Bavents by completing a cost benefit analysis, flood risk mapping and field sketches.

The true story of one resident’s efforts to create his own sea defences will be explored, and will be the focus of the supporting follow-up assessment.

Students will develop literacy and numeracy skills in the follow-up assessment which will focus on alternative ways of managing this stretch of coast - where a careful justification of spending and appropriate selection of a range of possible coastal defense techniques will need to be considered.

Provided resources:

  • Fieldwork booklet
  • Secondary data
  • Follow-up assessment and level ladder
  • Classroom facilities


Low season 1st November - 31st March


Mid season 1st April - 31st May
1st September - 31st October


High season 1st June - 31st July


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