Many students find it difficult knowing what aspects of the world they can measure, this course is designed to open their eyes! Students will have demonstrations and opportunities to experiment with new equipment, mobile apps, baby wipes (really!) and alternative forms of qualitative data collection.

Working through a huge range of techniques, including traditional and more modern methods – students will develop the confidence and understanding of how to collect a much broader range of information. This can be tailored to cater for students considering both a physical or urban study or indeed, both.

In the classroom, we will make it clear how this data can be applied – which will include considering types of presentation and use of GIS packages, and therefore inspire students to consider how their own NEA may take shape.

This course counts as 1 of the 4 required days of fieldwork expected at A-level.

*Minimum booking fee of £200 - can be booked as a group or individual.

Provided resources:

  • Student support material
  • Fieldwork menu sampling session
  • GIS demonstration
  • Classroom facilities


Low season 1st November - 31st March


Mid season 1st April - 31st May
1st September - 31st October


High season 1st June - 31st July


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