Involving 2 separate visits to Southwold and staying overnight on each trip at either the local YHA or the Darsham Country Centre.

On the first visit, students are introduced to the broad range of issues within Southwold, both physical and human and develop a sense of place. For a small town there are so many potential lines of enquiry from a geographical perspective to investigate here ranging from the effectiveness of the local coastal management, evidence of a sediment cell, gentrification, changing places, impact of geology on coastal recession, regeneration etc – so students have no problems finding individuality to each of their titles!

Students complete a broad range of techniques from our NEA fieldwork menu. In the theatre space we will deliver sessions considering appropriate titles, scale, presentation formats including ArcGIS, sampling techniques and the various statistical tests. We will also support on ideas for producing a locational study and a literature review, before students depart.

Students then return to Southwold between 3-4 weeks later, having developed their individual titles and having created data collection booklets ready to complete their independent fieldwork.

*Prices below are based on group sizes of 10 students and above - for bookings of fewer students than this price will be quoted on enquiry.

  • Fieldwork menu sampling session
  • GIS demonstration
  • Statistical analysis session
  • Data presentation session
  • Classroom facilities
  • Literature review support
  • Specialist fieldwork equipment
  • Accommodation


Low season 1st November - 31st March


Mid season 1st April - 31st May
1st September - 31st October


High season 1st June - 31st July


GFA Southwold 07907299910 / 01728860631
GFA Skegness 07398257944 / 01507603980