Fieldwork all year round

We welcomed 60 students from Daventry this week to complete GCSE fieldwork investigating coastal conflicts and management along the Southwold coast...

We’ve had a busy time this week and welcomed Sandra Kelly and her 60 Year 11 students from Danetre and Southbrook Learning Village on Friday. Studying the Edexcel B GCSE, we based our fieldwork on the coastal conflicts and management in and around the towns seafront.

In the morning we dodged wintery showers and explored the dynamic stretch of coast north of town in Easton Bavents. Students completed bi-polar surveys and took photos to later annotate the landscape. We also used secondary information to explain the geology of the cliffs here and data from the Environment Agency to outline the rates of recession and the scale and costs of the coastal defences.

Our afternoon session looked to prove how the coastal management has impacted upon the coastal processes, namely longshore drift. We gathered data from groyne height measurements, drift tests and beach profiles, before ending the day with questionnaires of the tourists on the pier and prom.

A pretty good proportion of students tucked into a classic fish and chip lunch and most managed to find time for a trip to the new town sweet shop; ‘Sweeties’ too.

Only a couple of students got wet feet and all returned to Daventry with a good dose of sea air and a booklet full of data!

See you again in the summer!!

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