Mock NEA fieldwork

Several schools have contacted us recently enquiring into the potential to deliver a mock-NEA fieldwork course for their Year 12 students. In January we delivered our first such session to students from Notre Dame High School in Norwich.

Working together with the Geography department at Notre Dame we created a bespoke enquiry aimed at developing students ability using ArcGIS and gaining greater experience and knowledge of more modern methods of data collection.

We led a (very wet) days fieldwork on: 'An investigation comparing the characteristics and perceptions of
Norwich City Centre and The Prince of Wales Road'.

Due to the schools proximately to Norwich city centre we were actually able to deliver the classroom and computer sessions of the course using the schools own facilities - students were given a day off timetable to complete a 'Geography day'.

Having collected a range of geospatial data around the city centre students subsequently completed an afternoons session in the sixth forms IT suite - where we led and demonstrated the essentials of ArcGIS. By the end of the day students had all completed located proportional flow line maps and mapped the proportional differences in decibel readings across the city centre.

We provided the department with a suggested criteria for the follow-up work together with a markscheme - all with the intention of gaining skills for their NEA work later in the year.

If you would like us to work with you to develop a similar bespoke fieldwork day to act as a mock-NEA for your year 12's, please get in contact!

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