New classroom is ready!!

We've spent the bulk of February painting, hammering and drilling - but it's been worth it!

We've been using the facilities in Southwold theatre for some time now, and whilst the main hall is great for larger bookings of usually GCSE and KS3 students - we have for a while wanted to create a space more suitable for smaller 6th form groups.

For our NEA groups we will now be using a newly renovated classroom in the upstairs in our base within Southwold theatre. We've developed our flat-packing, painting and even laminate floor laying skills to get the room ready for the start of the Spring season. Local company Hughes Electrical have installed a projector and screen and we've connected laptops to the internet network to ensure use of GIS is smooth and effective.

We'll be welcoming students from the Oasis Academy in South London on the 1st March - who'll have the honour of being the first group to use the new classroom.

Thanks to Joe, Ellen, Izzy, Elba, Martha and Pete for all their help with the reno's!!

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