Swapping Suffolk for South-West Iceland

Although the Suffolk coast is a Geographers paradise, its lacking glacier, volcanoes and geothermal swimming pools. In February, we swapped the beach for dramatic landscapes of Iceland!

Bungay High Sixth Form students experienced a bit of everything during their trip to Iceland this year.

The Golden Circle route was accompanied by extreme weather which peaked at the exposed site of Gullfoss as gale force winds screamed down the Kjolur route from the mountainous interior together with sideways rain and sleet which battered faces and tested the waterproof quality of every item of clothing on show!

Later on during the trip the storm gave way to a period of heavy snowfall which enhanced the atmosphere of bathing in the outdoor swimming pools and trekking up glacial valleys.

As ever Iceland never fails to disappoint, this is a place which is a dream for a geographer and a place where nature is very much in charge. However, any regular visitor to Iceland can't help but notice how much tourism is currently changing the identity and experience of the country.

We have traditionally always only discussed physical aspects of Iceland with students during this field course. However, with many A level courses now including aspects of 'national identity' and 'cultural diffusion' - a new human element to the Iceland trip is very much there for all to see as the exponential rise in tourism continues to increasingly impact the culture, economy and environment of this once isolated country.

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