The Geography Fieldwork Academy delivers courses in locations across the Eastern region, with our fieldwork base in the coastal town of Southwold in Suffolk.

Our Facilities

Southwold theatre

Many of our field courses are based in the coastal town of Southwold in Suffolk – here we use the spacious facilities of the summer theatre at St Edmunds Hall in the heart of the town to start all field courses and depending on the itinerary of the day, will return here for data interpretation, GIS and plenary sessions.

The theatre is located next to the famous Adnams brewery, 2 minutes walk from the beach and 3 minutes to the town centre. The theatre is equipped with toilets, seating, tables, large high-quality presentation equipment and disabled access.

For courses in most other locations we use similar spaces, including church halls and even a rugby club to deliver some of our tuition. The arrangements of which will be made clear to you depending on the course and location of your booking.

Southwold theatre class
Southwold theatre class 1

Our Vision

A successful field course requires lots of thought and logistical planning. Where will we go? How will we get there? Where will we park? Where can the students go to the toilet? What if it rains? Where will we hide if that black cloud turns out to be thunder and lightning!? That’s before you have even considered what issues you will investigate; how will students collect their data, have you got all the necessary equipment? Will the methods used generate appropriate data which can be interpreted and presented? And... does the investigation link with the new curriculum!! Above all, you hope that your fieldtrip is educational and engaging for your students!!

The Geography Fieldwork Academy is here to help. We have spent months developing high quality field courses for KS3, GCSE, AS and for the new NEA at A-level. We have linked all field courses to the new curriculum and can tailor each to specific exam boards. We have worked with local partners to develop unique courses which break from the norm, including our sustainable energy course with Adnams brewery. We have worked with the Environment Agency to build an archive of secondary data and we will demonstrate modern GIS packages such as ArcGis and Datashine.

We provide follow-up assessments at KS3, detailed A3 summary organiser sheets for all GCSE courses and at A-level our student log-in area enables students to customise their own data collection methods and fieldwork booklets before your field course.

Finally, our vision is to make high quality fieldwork affordable. With courses starting from as little as £8!! Your students will benefit from courses delivered by tutors who are not only active Geography teachers, but in many instances, Geography examiners.

Our Team


Head Tutor – Chris Webster

Chris is a former head of Geography at a large high school and sixth form in Suffolk. The Geography department here has developed into one of the most successful in the county, it was ranked by Oxford Analytics as 22nd nationally in 2015 on overall ‘progress added’ to GCSE students and has achieved in the Top 10% of progress added for A-level students with ALPS scores of 2 and 3 consistently.

Chris is a current GCSE and A-level examiner and has kept abreast of the changes to not only the Geography curriculum but also the changing demands of the fieldwork requirements across the key stages. Fieldwork and GIS are his passions!

Chris has overseen the development of all the courses we have created, he has formed relationships with key partners including the Environment Agency and Adnams and is driven by the ambition to be able to provide high quality fieldwork courses at affordable prices.

Our Geography Fieldworkers

All courses will be led and delivered by a trained and experienced Geography teacher, our team includes Andy, Rona and Pete.

Andy rona pete

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