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After the COVID pandemic we created a range of virtual lessons to help introduce students to Southwold before visiting for day trips to collect their data. These videos may still be useful to you and your students to help introduce them to the NEA and the opportunities for fieldwork in Southwold.

NEA Preparation

VV1 – Introducing NEA fieldwork in Southwold

VV1 covers the structure of an NEA and initial tips to get you started on the right foot.

VV2 – Human NEA fieldwork in Southwold

An overview of the human geography issues in Southwold and the potential methods of fieldwork data collection.

VV3 – Physical NEA fieldwork in Southwold

An introduction to the coastal issues along Southwold's shore and a selection of ideas for data collection.

VV4 – Collecting your NEA data in Southwold

The final installment considering sampling strategies and GIS, to arrive ready to go in Southwold.

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KS3 Teaching Resources

We've teamed up with the Broads Authority as part of the lottery funded Water, Mills & Marshes project to create a series of unique and engaging geography lessons for KS3 students. These lessons are designed to prepare students for GCSE geography by developing maths, fieldwork and GIS skills in addition to increasing their ability to interpret landscapes and analyse data.

Lesson 1

What makes the Broads unique?

In this lesson we consider some of special qualities ands attractions of the Broads, develop our locational knowledge of the area and consider how the Broads are perceived.

Lesson 2

The Landscapes of the Broads

An introduction to the different land uses in the Broads with activities improving skills of condensing key information and annotating field sketches.

Lesson 3

The value of the Broads

Exposing the value of tourism to the Broads using real data. Improving students ability to analyse and interpret this data. Using boat census data to map the busiest waterways on the Broads.

Lesson 4

The stakeholders of the Broads

Including interviews from 6 key stakeholders all with different roles and interests in the Broads. Students will develop their skills of note-taking and consider the relationships between the different stakeholders.

View the Stakeholders of the Broads video

Lesson 5

Fieldwork in the Broads

Students will develop fieldwork skills through interpreting a range of real data relevant to the Broads displayed in different formats including GIS.

Lesson 6

The Broads Triathlon

An amazing opportunity for students to design their own junior Broads Triathlon route and submit their plans to our nationwide competition.We would recommend using the free digital version of OS maps online found here for your mapping :

For a huge range of ideas and inspiration to get outside visit the #GetOutside website

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