Fieldwork helping bridge KS3 and KS4

We recently delivered a bespoke course to Year 9 students from Bedfordshire having worked with the Geography department at Daubeney Academy as they begin their journey from a middle school to a high school delivering GCSE for the first time this September.

Working with the department at Daubeny over the last couple of moths we created a fieldwork day designed to help introduce students to some of the fieldwork requirements expected at GCSE as well as improving decision-making skills.

Students received a 2 hour guided cruise from Toby and Ollie whilst ashore the Belle of the Broads, before completing a mixture of traditional and modern data collection methods along a transect of Wroxham and Hoveton.

We pride ourselves on being flexible and work with schools to deliver the course that suits their requirements and their students best - If you have a course in mind, please don't hesitate to ask for our help.

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