We're aware that Geography fieldwork might need to be a bit different for a while, so we've been working hard on a wide range of teaching resources to bring our classroom to you.

NEA Teaching Resources

We're delighted to support you with a FREE set of specifically produced virtual lessons to help getting started with your NEA.

Session 1: Introducing the NEA

In this first session we'll cover the basics of the NEA and explain what is required from an A-level independent Geography investigation.

Session 2: Picking your issue

Session 2 will provide you with support on selecting an appropriate issue for your NEA. We also cover the content you may want to include in your introduction including tips on completing your literature review.

Session 3: Setting aims and sub-questions

In this session we support students on developing a suitable aim, hypothesis and sub-questions.

Session 4: Choosing your methods

In this latest session we'll help you consider the methods of data collection which you may choose to use in your study.

Download our methods menu document here to help

Session 5: Designing your fieldwork

Session 5 encourages us to think about how we will complete our fieldwork, considering our methodology, risks, ethics, sampling and stats tests.

Session 6: Using tech in your data collection

In this final session we suggest how using technology in your fieldwork can help collect better data and enable GIS data presentation.

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